Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

We’re quite passionate about building brands, seeing ideas coming to life on the shelves is what drives BBHs Sales and Marketing team.

Visual Marketing is essential when it comes to building a brand, and we’ve worked with many brands! Sales and Marketing are not only about creating a product that consumers purchase, but rather creating a sweet spot where consumers feel comfortable spending their hard-earned money, again and again. BBH Agencies focusses on FMCG in South Africa, this is our niche, which over the years we’ve become the best at.

There’s one thing we’ve noticed about the South African market, and that’s that South Africans are loyal to brands. At BBH, our sales and marketing team maximizes the aesthetic of our client’s products so we can build an everlasting brand together. Our Sales and marketing team get the job done, and done well! Great packaging, displays and smart marketing strategies creates awareness whilst simultaneously increasing brand loyalty.

When we take on a client’s project, we are paving the way for the brands future success, what’s most important is luring potential customers who are already in retail stores to our stands, attractive and tasteful packaging gets this done. Once products are on the shelves, closing the deal is dependent on the aesthetic quality of a client’s retail display. We approach home-shelf marketing systematically, ensuring that there is sufficient stock pressure on shelf, products are packed according to their planogram, the forward share of the product is greater than its market share, and the pricing labels are clearly communicated.

  • On-shelf marketing
  • In-Store Sales
  • Display negotiations
  • Display implementations
  • Planogram implementation
  • Out of stock management
  • Returns handling
  • Order placement
  • Negotiation of space allocation
  • Packing of stock onto shelves and pegs
  • Control of shelf-edge labels and pricing
  • General housekeeping
  • Building of promotional displays
  • Control of point-of-sale material
  • Implementation and maintenance of planograms, where appropriate
  • Promotional in-store activation (such as gondola ends, side panels, etc.)

When marketing  is done correctly, you’ve got a customer for life. Our job is to showcase your product and maximize the customer experience. After all, a positive shopping experience always leads to increased sales.