In addition to our sales and distribution operations, we also offer a full suite of marketing services that can be customised for your needs so that you only use and pay for what is relevant to your business at the time.


A comprehensive market analysis, primarily done through one-on-one interviews with your customers, will help you clearly understand your market’s current situation and future trends. Utilising this information, we will work with you to develop your unique brand strategy.


Every forward-thinking business needs a strong digital presence. Which, again, is where we come in. We will put together a complete digital strategy for you and bring in the best team to manage it. This includes

  • Updating and maintaining your website.
  • Search Engine Optimisation, making it easier for your customers to find you online.
  • Developing your social marketing strategy and determining the most effective online marketing tools for your small business.


The right positioning of your brand is paramount to its success. Does it fit in an existing category, or is it so unique that it defines a new category? If it is a parity product, how do you differentiate it so that it stands out from the competition? We will help you distinguish your brand in the mind of the consumer by creating a unique positioning for your brand and carving massive market share for it as a result.


It’s imperative that you have a healthy brand. How much Pocket Share does it have versus Mind Share? Once we determine this, we can gauge whether there is a positive or negative gap between the two and, from this, see where the opportunities lie and if there are any imminent threats. After we establish this, we can do more in-depth research to pinpoint which elements of your brand need attention in order to improve its perception in the marketplace. We can also determine where the immediate opportunities lie and in which geographical areas your brand can make the best initial gains. Over the years, we have carried out many Brand Health Checks for simple to large and complex brands and we have experienced the immense benefit of this. We hope to do the same for your brand.


Brand architecture is critical to the brand-building process. It usually consists of two sections:

1) Planned architecture during the conception of the brand

2) Brand extension. Like many companies, you might not give much attention to the first part when you start small with one product and haven’t considered where things could lead. However, the brand extension section of brand architecture is likely to grab your attention as it requires a clearly established path (without which, the equity of your brand could be at risk). We decipher the real objectives of your brand and business and establish a clear path for its growth.

BBH Agencies - Marketing


We use our proprietary “Supporter vs Supported” technique for brand extension. This points out any potential pitfalls and makes you more aware of both the risks and the opportunities of extending your brand or launching a new product, helping you make more informed decisions.


Whether it is determining your company’s uniqueness, creating its outstanding visual identity, or putting together all the material your sales force needs to make a significant impact on the market, we will seamlessly handle the entire process.

Communication Strategy – To succeed, your company must offer differentiated value. This needs to be communicated clearly to your current and future employees, key stakeholders, investors, customers and clients. We will help you do that through a comprehensive communication plan that is based on a strong brand strategy.

Corporate / Brand Identity Development – We will create the distinctive visual signature of your corporate brand and any sub-brands – from your logo, business cards, stationery, signage and anything else you need.

Sales Force Material – We will create your sales material, from trade presenters to brochures, product spec sheets, data sheets, company profiles and case studies.


Brand Activations are campaigns, events or experiences that allow customers to directly interact with your product or service. Done well, they help create both brand awareness and brand loyalty. We will come up with the type of activation that perfectly meets your communication goals and will appeal to your target market.

Promotions create awareness for your brand, product or service. They help generate trial, increase sales and encourage repeat purchase. Handled both strategically and creatively, they will help grow your brand. Which is where, again, we come in.

We will allocate a dedicated team to run your activation’s and promotions. Each team member will undergo intensive training about your organisation, products, services and goals before entering the marketplace.